Hey guys!! I hope everyone had a blessed day!

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about Magnum and I’s honeymoon to The Bahamas.unnamed-7

We stayed at Sandals at Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, The Bahamas. Seriously it was a dreaaammm. First I’ll go on about how beautiful and crystal BLUE the water was, and second I’ll go on about how stinking NICE it was that the resort was all-inclusive. Y’all.. I’m pretty sure Magnum and I were eating 75% of the time on our honeymoon (lol).


OMG (heart eyes) The view from our room


This water makes me so happppyyyy

It was so relaxing to be able to just chill and not worry about having to do anything. We pretty much laid on the beach all day for the five days we were there (and ate). After the most stressful past six months of our lives wedding planning, both of us taking 18 hours of classes, and trying to maintain a social life/work life, it was crazy stressful. Time being lazy on the beach was much needed.

Beachin’ with my boo
This maxi dress was so great for beach pictures!!!
Dinner outfit! This dress is THE perfect resort dinner dress
The pool y’all

Also the engagement season of our lives had many ups and downs, and looking back now it is easy to think of things I would have done differently. If anyone reading this is currently dating or engaged, and in somewhat of the same chaotic season of their lives that Magnum and I were- something I would recommend to do is always keep focus on the bigger picture. I tried my best in the midst of all the stress and happiness and all the other feelings and emotions that played into this season to force myself to see the bigger picture. When I say bigger picture, I mean, what all of this is leading to. You and your husband starting your lives together. It is easy to get caught up in little details of wedding planning like freaking out when the bridesmaids dresses were a shade away from matching the groomsmen’s tie, and absolutely no one will notice but you- the bride. It is so easy to get caught up in things like this because you want your day to be perfect. What I am trying to say is, the day will be perfect no matter what, because you are getting to spend the rest of your life with the one God made JUST for you. So now that I have shared my two cents about that.. More about food and beautiful blue water!unnamed-2unnamed-8

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to look into staying at a Sandals resort. They are everywhere beautiful!!!


Thanks for reading my post guys!!

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xoxo -Lauren

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