Encouragement from Job

Hi everyone!! I’m another year older today!!!! 21 today and I’ve never felt wiser 😉

Today I was doing a little reading in Job and I want to share with y’all my thoughts.

Job 19:25 “I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand on the earth.”

Guys… how great is this truth?? If you have never read/hear of Job before.. Here is a little insight to this truth. Job was a man who literally lost EVERYTHING, and He still relied and trusted in God. I want to have faith like Job- a faith that when things go wrong, I do not question the Lord, I choose to RELY on Him fully instead, and trust in His plan for my life, like Job did in this verse.

This is hard for my to admit.. But guys… I am a drama queen.

Sometimes when things go wrong, even the littlest things, it seems like the end of the world for me. It is not that I do not trust God in these circumstances, it is that I do try to take matters into my own hands, instead of putting them into His. But today, this verse really made me realize that in the end, God will be here, I will be in Heaven, and none of the little things that I worry about on earth will matter.

Today, I challenge everyone to live like Job, and have faith like none other, to where when things go wrong, it is not the end of the world- it is just another reason for us to rely and trust in God’s plan for our lives.

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Love you guys!!


Xoxox Lauren

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