sweater + denim skirt

Hey y’all! FINALLY some nicer weather in Texas. After the past month or so it being freeeeezing and overcast, this whole week it has been beautiful 60 degree weather. When it is cold outside and there is no sunshine, I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing all day. It’s is so awful because I need to be productive but I just don’t want to do anything when it’s cold. I think I talk myself into thinking that I physically can’t because of how cold it is. Lol. Someone please tell me it is not just me who feels like that?



With the sunshine and warmer weather this week, I have been SO productive.

The weather today was perfect for a sweater and a denim skirt. I’ve always loved this combo when transitioning into Spring. When the weather is like this, a cute sweater, a skirt, and some booties or OTK boots are perfect!! I just think sweaters and skirts are so cute and they just make me happy. This sweater is probably the SOFTEST sweater in the whole world. When people compliment me on this sweater I can’t help but be like “THANKS YOU SHOULD FEEL IT!!” I just want to share my happiness with others over how soft my sweater is but sometimes it could come off as scary, I guess.


Sadly, this sweater was discontinued after I bought it this summer from Red Dress Boutique, but I will link some similar ones down below. ↓

Similar Sweater

Another Similar Sweater

Also, this is very un-fashion-blogger of me… but this skirt is also discontinued from a boutique I bought it from this summer that went out of business. I’ll also link a similar one down below! ↓

Similar Denim Skirt

Earrings are Kendra Scott.

Booties are Sam Edelman- I linked them in my first post. Let me know if you want the link! They are the best booties ever.



Is anyone else ready for the weekend? Any plans?


Thanks for reading today, let me know your thoughts!




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