Valentines day outfit ideas

Hi beautiful people!! Happy, happy Friday!!!

I can’t believe February is RIGHT around the corner. January went by so fast, and now it is getting close to Valentine’s day!!!!!

With that being said.. Here are a few outfit ideas for Valentine’s day! These dresses are kind of more casual, so these are great ideas if you’re going somewhere fancy for V-day.

The lavender dress is SO comfy and soft. I paired it with these nude heels from Red Dress Boutique. Guys.. I love these ankle strap heels. Everyone needs a good pair of nude heels. They’re also for a really great price from Red Dress Boutique, so I’ll link them below!

Nude Ankle Strap Heels – Only $32!! —— Shop


This red lace dress I also got from Red Dress Boutique. I am obsessedddd with lace (obviously). I just think it looks so classic and elegant, and I love the open back on this dress. My black ankle strap heels are from Charlotte Russe and are currently on sale for only $20!!!! Everyone needs a pair of these heels! I’ll link them below. 

Black Ankle Strap Heels —-Shop

My earrings are from a website called Light In The Box. If you read my post from earlier this week about our wedding, I talked about this website. So… funny story. These earrings were supposed to be the ones I wore on my wedding day, but they did not come in in time. So, now I can wear them for dressy occasions, like Valentines Day, and I dressed this red lace dress up a little more with these earrings.

Link: Vintage Earrings 

So, that’s all for today guys! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. Comment, like, & follow my blog! ♥

Hope you all have the happiest Friday!




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