Midi dresses + Cleo Madison

Happy Friday beautiful people!! It’s super bowl weekend and I could care less who wins, just like every other Super Bowl! 🙂

I wanted to share with y’all this dress I got from a boutique called Cleo Madison. I’ve seen a lot of these dresses before, and I always thought they were SO cute, but I could never find where to get them. I just always saw girls wearing them and I was like ?????????? 


Cleo Madison has SUPER cute dresses, just like the one I’m wearing, and it’s super affordable (holla)!

I have found before that sometimes with shopping at boutiques, the quality of the clothing can be kind of iffy. I was a bit nervous upon receiving this dress about the quality. BUT, y’all… I wish y’all could feel this dress through the computer lol. The quality is amazing and the dress is super soft.


Shop my dress here: Midi Floral Dress (just $33!!)

I’ll link some pictures below of some other dresses from Cleo Madison that I wanted. I might have to go back and buy a few more now (shhh, don’t tell my husband ((I’ll just wait ‘til he reads this)).

Shop: Black & White Plaid Midi Dress (only $33!!)
Shop: Midi Floral Dress ($32)
Shop: Midi Pink & Grey Floral Dress ($34)

When you sign up with Cleo Madison through their website, you get 10% off your first order, which is also awesome.

∗Sidenote.. Do any of y’all love online shopping like I do?? Here’s a tip.. So when I first started online shopping I hated when stores asked for my E-mail, for 15% off, but I knew I would get loads of E-mails from them. But still… like 15% hello??? Yes. Hahaha so what I did is make another E-mail, or I actually used my old one from like 5th grade called Hoopspaschall10 lol. Anways, I have another separate E-mail that I give to EVERY. STORE. (online or not) that I shop at, because even though they send you loads of E-mails, they also alert you when there are great sales, and sometime give you random discounts. I check this E-mail once a week or so, just to check out what deals or sales I can get myself in to.

Let me know if y’all decide to do this, and you love it!!! You can tell me I’m a shopping genius or something. 😉

I think these Midi dresses will be really in this Spring. The length of them are just so classy, and you don’t have to worry about them being too short (for tall people like me)! Unless you like them short and you have great legs, you go girl.

Go check out Cleo Madison, and let me know what you think, or if you bought anything!! I’d love to hear what everyone else likes from there. I’ll link their website below.

Click Here to shop Cleo Madison

Have a great weekend y’all!!




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