5 SPRING MUST HAVES + Jord Giveaway

Hey y’all!! Hope everyone is doing great. Today I wanted to share with y’all 5 spring must haves. These are products I already have/products I want for spring.

  1. First are these blush pink mules. I’ve wanted these for sooo long form Nordstrom, but I found a dupe to the ones at Nordstrom at Belk’s, for half the price! I’ll link both below. These mules are super cute and I just got a pair from Belk’s, and I can’t wait to wear them in Spring with some cute jean shorts, or ripped jeans.
Shop the $50 mules from Nordstrom here: Nordstrom Gina Knotted Loafer Mule Shop the $20 mules from Belk’s here: Sugar Darlie Mules from Belk’s
  1. So, if you haven’t noticed by my Instagram feed, I love wearing neutrals. Especially for spring, it gives me an excuse to wear allll the neutral colors and pastels. So, next are a few accessories that I have been wanting for Spring. These four pairs of earrings are SO cute and perfect for Spring. I think these types of earrings, plus mix-matching the colors with other spring colors would make for great statement earrings for a casual outfit. The two pairs of earrings from Amazon have been in my cart for a while because I have been indecisive about buying them, but I finally ordered them today! I’ll link all of these products below.

Shop the lilac beaded Baublebar earrings ($38) here: Baublebar Granita Tassel Earrings

Shop the white drop Baublebar earrings from Baublebar ($34) here: Baublebar Maraca Drop Earrings

Shop the white dangle beaded earrings from Amazon ($12) here: White elegant beaded earrings

Shop the blush pink fan earrings ($11) here: Blush Pink Semicircle Fan shape earrings

  1. Third, is this beautiful and unique wooden watch from Jord Watches. I’m really excited about wearing this watch for Spring because it’s so neutral and unique, I can wear it with everything. If you have not heard of Jord, Jord is a company that makes gorgeous wooden watches, and can even do engravings on the watches. I think they are just so timeless, and I love how they can go with anything. I’ve been looking for a while for a good quality watch that I would be able to wear with a casual outfit, or a nicer outfit, which is why I’m really excited about receiving this watch from Jord.

Something also super exciting is that I am hosting a giveaway with Jord Watches! One lucky winner will receive $100 toward your purchase at Jord online, AND everyone who enters will receive a 10% discount code!

Here is the link to enter the giveaway: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/alaurelcrownedlife

I will also post the link to my watch, as well as link to the Jord website under the pictures below.

//Jord watch engravings//
Shop the rest of the Jord Women’s watches and Jord Men’s watches
Shop my watch here: Jord Fieldcrest Watch
  1. Fourth, is this Mini Ark handbag. Seriously everyone is getting this bag for Spring, and I’m hopping on the bandwagon to get one because it’s SO stinking cute for spring and summer!! I can’t get over how cute it is, and it will go with anything! So the Cult Gia Mini Ark bag from Nordstrom is around $130, BUT I found a dupe for it for under $45 from Amazon!!!! I love Amazon so much hahaha. I’ll link both bags down below!
Shop the Nordstrom ($128) Cult Gaia  Handbag here: Cult Gaia Mini Handbag
Shop the Amazon dupe ($44) here: Miuco Bamboo Handmade Tote Bag
  1. Okay lastly some shoes I’ve really been wanting for spring are some more spring wedges/espadrilles. Everyone is dying over the Marc Fisher wedge espadrilles right now, which I totally get because they are great quality and beautiful wedges. With great quality of course comes some expense. The Marc Fisher espadrilles and wedges are mostly all above $100, and I found a lot of dupes (of course). Im posting the link below to all the Marc Fisher wedges from Nordstrom, and I’m also posting the link below to shop lower priced cute and affordable wedges/espadrilles from Red Dress Boutique. I have the brown taupe wedges from Red Dress Boutique and they are so great, and such great quality!
Shop all Marc Fisher wedges/Espadrilles here: Marc Fisher Wedges/Espadrilles
Shop Red Dress Boutique Wedges/ Espadrilles ($34) here: Red Dress Boutique Wedges/Espadrilles

Thanks for reading today y’all, happy March!






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